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The Peter and Paul Day is celebrated with so-called "Petersfeuern" or "Peterlfeuern". On mountains, hills and easily visible places, fires are lit. A large straw doll, the "Peterl", stands for the embodied mischief and is burnt on the blast. Practicing about the same customs as in the solstice fire or St. John's fire: broom swinging, dancing, singing, fire jumping. Organized by the Red Cross.


As well as the performance contests on land, the water services competitions have a large following. Every year, hundreds of zill sportsmen come together to compete on the water in a sporting competition. The competition takes place alternately on the Danube and another river in Lower Austria every year, in order to give all applicants throughout the country equal conditions for the acquisition of performance badges in bronze, silver and gold.

In the Zillen-Zweier, besides conditioning and skill, the interaction of the boat crew is decisive. A placement in the top field depends mainly on whether Steuerz and Kranzlmann enter into a harmonious symbiosis with each other.

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